Preparing to Lead an Ensemble

This free introductory module introduces key concepts all ensemble leaders need to know before getting started and introduces you to what’s on offer as part of the Conductors for Change online course.

Conducting Skills 1

This module introduces the basics of conducting technique. It is designed to help you if you’ve never conducted an ensemble before and you’d like to learn some basic skills in conducting technique.

Conducting Skills 2

This module will develop your conducting technique if you’ve mastered the basic skills covered in Conducting Skills 1.

Conducting Skills 3

This module focuses on developing expressive technique and is designed for for music leaders who are confident and experienced conductors.

Inclusive Rehearsals

This module focuses on how to run a rehearsal that everyone in the room can access, enjoy and musically develop from.

Classroom Band

This module provides you with a scheme of work, resources and teaching strategies to create a whole class band in a term.

Learning by Ear

This module will take you through an ensemble aural learning process, from hearing the initial tune to constructing a full performance.

Group Composing

The module will give you ideas for session activities and structure that can lead to a collaboratively-composed, performance-ready piece.

Parts for Everyone

This module guides you through the process of choosing repertoire and creating an inclusive and accessible musical arrangement.

Making Notation Accessible

This module aims to help you create effective and accessible notation to enable all your players learn their parts and enjoy playing together.

Welcome to Music Leadership Training!

On this micro-site, you’ll find 10 modules available on-demand to help develop your skills in music leadership. Each module uses a combination of videos, practical exercises for you to try, and opportunities to reflect on your own practice.

You can pick and choose the modules that you need the most, and there is no need to follow them through in order. After purchasing a module, you can return to it at any point over the following 12 months, so feel free to go at your own pace.

Ready to get started?

The first module, Preparing to Lead an Ensemble, is available for free. It provides an introduction to the Music Leadership Training online course, giving you a flavour of the topics covered in the modules and how they work.

If you have any questions or require technical support, please email the Orchestras for All team via


“It’s quite scary getting up to conduct for the first time, so to do it in a safe space was great!”

– Music Leadership Training participant