Group Composing


The module will give you ideas for session activities and structure that can lead to a collaboratively-composed, performance-ready piece.

Module Description

There are endless musical and social benefits to engaging your ensemble in creative musical tasks! Working away from notation is a wonderful equalizer for a mixed instrument and skill-level ensemble. It can empower musicians who may not have learned music through theory-based notation training whilst presenting a new musicianship challenge for confident notation readers. It requires everyone to think and listen critically and tap into their natural musical awareness, regardless of their music background.

It’s also a great way to develop ensemble cohesion and cross-section awareness: group composing works best when different instruments are combined. It gives your players a chance to find out how their peers’ instruments work, and how sounds can combine.  It allows everyone to try out different musical roles, and break the rules of texture found in traditional ensemble repertoire.

These skills are vital to music-making, whether you’re working with a stand-alone ensemble, with GCSE students developing composition work, or Key Stage 3 students embedding awareness of elements of music.

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