Preparing to Lead an Ensemble


This free introductory module introduces key concepts all ensemble leaders need to know before getting started and introduces you to what’s on offer as part of the Conductors for Change online course.

Module Description

This module is about preparing to lead an ensemble. It gives you a tour around the key aspects of ensemble leadership featured in the Music Leadership Training course. It will help you get started with your own ensemble: laying the groundwork for a successful ensemble, and preparing you to lead your first rehearsal.

Before covering the essential questions of repertoire choice, arrangement, and the all-important arm-waving techniques, we’ll start by taking a moment to consider the bigger picture: what are the musical and non-musical benefits of being in an ensemble? Who is your ensemble for and how can you find and recruit these musicians?

In this module, you’ll consider the aims and values you want for your ensemble. What do you need to be thinking about – and doing – to make your ensemble accessible and inclusive?

Once you’ve done this, you’ll self-audit of your technical conducting skills, consider repertoire choice and creation of accessible parts, and finally take a look at some practical ideas to help you plan your first rehearsal.

We hope you enjoy this introductory module and that it provides a useful starting point in establishing your ensemble.